We’re on a mission to change your life, one ethical product at a time.

Our Natural Skin Care products will cleanse, moisturise, protect and deliciously perfume your skin. They are designed with Love to make a real difference in your life, so that you can do more of what makes you happy!

Each product is handcrafted by our Founder & Formulator, Sabine, in our local studio in Queensland, Australia. Products are individually sealed to keep freshness in, nasties out and the journey to your place safe where necessary. We honour our relationship with our planet by excluding single use plastics and mindfully use only fully recyclable, BPA/S/F, paraben and phthalate free Grade 1 packaging.

Our Philosophy

We will always ensure that our products are:

  • Truly natural: we go to great lengths to source only highest quality, pure, natural, mostly vegan & organic ingredients
  • Safe: we formulate scientifically and very proudly always chemical free. We only test on humans
  • Artisan: handmade in small batches with time and lots of LOVE for what we do
  • Gentle: we reduce grain and molecule sizes so that they are safe and pleasant for face and body even in the long run
  • Holistic: our products don’t just deliver ONE good thing. We combine a delicious range of ingredients to protect, moisturise & relax your skin
  • Delicious: delectable & addictive signature scents from 100% pure, therapeutic grade Essential Oils
  • Sustainable: as a For Benefit, Waste Wise business, our products and packaging are 100% kind to you, animals and the planet
  • Sealed: each item is individually inspected and sealed where necessary to ensure safe travel without leaks
  • Generous: we choose to give you some extra LOVE by overfilling generously
  • Ethical: we don’t skimp on your benefits for the sake of profit. We actually mean and do what we say on every level, from sourcing to delivery
  • Individual: we can customise unique individual creations just for you
  • Affordable: we are keeping it real (what’s the use of awesome products that no one can afford?)

Spa in a Jar® Truly Natural Skin Care products reflect the Love we feel for everything we do. Handcrafted in small batches, from ethically sourced ingredients, our products are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic additives or any other nasties. We custom blend with pure Essential Oils, so you can have a truly natural Spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

We proudly identify as a Waste Wise, For-Benefit Business, never offering ‘green washed’ products that capitalise on looking ‘eco-friendly’. We aim to truly empower our customers, our staff, our community. We believe that high end natural skin care products do not have to cost a fortune, and that actions always speak louder than words.

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Sabine today, wow my life will never be the same […] amazing products produced by an amazing lady. Sabine keep up your love for helping others, I know I will be a forever buyer of your products.

Maria Johnson

Awesome awesome awesome !! Finally a product that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or too oily. Price is great and it’s all NATURAL!!!!!!!!! Even my 87 year old Mum was impressed Thank you Sabine

Susan Capponi

… your deodorant is so amazing. Really love your products and highly recommend them.

Najet Charnley

I bought the beautiful smelling Citrus face and body scrub at Bloom on the weekend. I am in love with all the Spa Jar products and how you can use them for your face and body. Yum! 

Giselle Endres

Our Founder

Hi there!

I am originally German and after over 20 years in Australia I am now almost considered a local, living in paradise. Throwing kindness around like confetti and harvesting Nature’s nourishing power are my thing. That’s why I am on a mission to pamper and empower busy mums, entrepreneurs and athletes like myself with truly natural, mainly vegan skin & magnesium care products that relax, restore and rejuvenate.

At heart I am an artist, scientist, foodie, yogi, dancer, globe trotter, rock hopper, linguist, conservationist, curious learner and lover of children and books.

The background story…

Up until 2014 I was a burnt out Marketing & Business Developer. As a busy mum and businesswoman I used to put everyone else’s needs first and often forgot to nourish my own body, mind & soul. Giving was easier than receiving. I was that stressed, anxious, under pressure and that deaf to my own body and inner world, that it took me getting seriously ill to create the stillness I needed to refocus.

I used the opportunity to reconnect with my passion, studied Natural Skincare Formulation in England to make a difference in the world in a new way.

These days…

I am living my dream life, passionately developing delicious natural, mainly vegan skin- & magnesium care products that truly have an impact and make a difference. I am much kinder to myself, much happier and a whole lot healthier inside and out. I manufacture by hand In Cairns in a custom built production studio inside my house. My products are my way to give Love back to myself, to my community and to you.

Let me seduce you to deliciously create more balance in your own life!

Namaste, Sabine