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At spajar skincare we specialise in formulating multi-functional Australian Natural Skincare. Browse our award winning Australian natural skincare right here:

Shop Australian Truly Natural Skin Care

Natural Australian Skin Care for a clean conscience

At spajar we are experts in developing Australian Natural Skin Care, Magnesium Skin Care & Wellness Products, that will boost not just your body, but also your mind & soul. Spajar natural skincare products combine essential vitamins, botanicals, and natural minerals that visibly rejuvenate, revitalise and restore our skin. Minimal effort, and without harming our earth. We focus on ultimate potency, absolute freshness, and complete purity.

We formulate with 100% natural & naturally derived ingredients, many of them organic, to give you outstanding benefits, whilst being kind to your skin, to animals and the environment. With our multi-functional, minimalist natural skin care we are on a mission to make a real difference for you! Proudly Australian made & Australian owned.

Spajar Natural Australian Skincare is one of the best

The spajar team is dedicated to redefining beauty industry standards for products that are not only good for us, but also good for our planet. We are thrilled to share that our scientifically formulated, handcrafted natural Australian skincare is now recognised globally and has won multiple national and international awards.

In March 2020 we gratefully received global recognition as “Most Innovative Natural Skincare Brand Australia – 2020” at the International Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020, selected by Industry Experts for LuxLife Magazine, UK. In December 2020 our products were chosen as “Best Skincare Products of the year 2020/2021” by industry experts for the annual Queensland Prestige Awards.

spajar wins QLD Prestige Award

spajar skincare wins Queensland Prestige Awards 2020/21

spajar skincare wins Queensland Prestige Awards 2020/21 in the category 'Skin Care Products of the Year'
spajar skincare wins international award

spajar skincare wins its first international award in the UK

spajar skincare wins first international award at the UK Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020

spajar is gradually moving to 100% recycled, amber rPET packaging

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