On a mission to change your life.
One ethical product at a time.

Our Story

Spajar Skincare was born when spajar skincare Founder & Formulator Sabine found it difficult, if not impossible, to source TRULY Natural Australian Skincare, Magnesium & Wellness products on the shelves herself. Wading through a myriad of green washed, so called ‘natural’ skincare products, we discover that this claim often is just a marketing stint, based on a couple of great ingredients amongst a ton of synthetic or even toxic ones. Integrity and ethics sacrificed for the sake of profit. Not good enough!

Our Founder

Hi there!

I am originally German and after over 27 years in Australia I am now almost considered a local ;-), living in paradise. Throwing kindness around like confetti and harvesting Nature’s nourishing power are my thing. That’s why I am on a mission to pamper and empower busy mums, entrepreneurs and athletes like myself with truly natural skincare, magnesium & wellness products that relax, restore and rejuvenate.

At heart I am an artist, scientist, foodie, yogi, dancer, globe trotter, rock hopper, linguist, conservationist, nerd, curious learner and lover of children and books.

Meet Sabine, Founder & Formulator at spajar skincare

The Background Story

Up until 2014 I was a burnt out Marketing & Business Developer. As a busy mum and business woman I used to put everyone else’s needs first and often forgot to nourish my own body, mind & soul. Giving was easier than receiving. I was that stressed, anxious, under pressure, and that deaf to my own body and inner world, that it took me getting seriously ill to create the stillness I needed to refocus.

I made the decision to live more mindfully, embracing every day, every moment. I used the opportunity to reconnect with my passion to make a difference in the world with my gifts.

These Days

I am living my dream life, passionately developing delicious, mainly organic, truly natural skincare products that have an impact and make a difference. No green washing here! I am much kinder to myself, much happier, and a whole lot healthier inside and out. By now trained & experienced as an internationally qualified natural skincare formulator and aromatherapist, I manufacture by hand in Cairns, in a custom built production studio inside my house.

My ethical, holistic products are my way to give Love back to myself, to my community and to you. Let me invite you to deliciously create more balance in your own life!


We are making waves...

You are in good company. Our mindfully hand-crafted natural skincare is a trusted brand, that has won multiple national & international awards. 

Skincare Brand of the Year – 2022 (Global Innovation & Excellence Awards)

Most Client Focused Cosmetic Clinic FNQ – 2022 (Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards)

Skincare Brand of the Year Australia – 2021 (Global Excellence Awards)

Most Innovative Natural Skincare Brand Australia – 2020 (Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards)

Best Skincare Products of the year 2020/2021 (Annual Queensland Prestige Awards)

What is so special
about spajar skincare?

We create award winning natural Australian Skincare. Minimalist, multi-functional ingredients give you outstanding benefits, whilst being kind to animals and our environment.
Proudly Australian made & owned, we are on a mission to change your life, one ethical product at a time.

"I switched to spajar skincare...the difference is just amazing and undeniable!"