All Natural Magnesium Creams.

Spajar skincare Magnesium Creams are highly concentrated

At spajar skincare we specialise in formulating multi-functional natural Australian Magnesium Skincare. Our all natural Flex Magnesium Creams give you all the goodness of Magnesium, as well as the added benefits of Arnica and Moringa and Pure Essential Oils to soothe & maintain your skin and body in good condition.

Due to our proprietary production process, our Flex Magnesium Creams gently deliver one of the highest concentrations of Magnesium Chloride possible in a cream. Delivered in an all natural Cocoa Butter base, the plant-based anti-inflammatories Arnica and Moringa are the real powerhouses in our natural Magnesium Creams, well renowned for their benefits.

  • Highly concentrated – a little goes a long way
  • Gentle Application: no Sting
  • With Arnica and Moringa
  • With pure Wintergreen, Kunzea, Peppermint & Eucalyptus Essential Oils
  • Delivered in a Natural Silky Cocoa Butter Base
  • Cool and Warm versions
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • No Nasties, no Greenwashing

To get the most out of your Flex Natural Magnesium Cream

For best results use in conjunction with the Flow Magnesium sprays: Spray and saturate affected areas first with the Flow Magnesium Spray – this will give you a maximum amount of Magnesium. Then amp it up by applying a fingertip of the Flex Magnesium Cream on top, rub in together. This is our strongest line of defence combo, that you can use as often as required. Of course, you can use on its own too – you might just need to massage a larger amount of cream onto your skin.

To suit your preferences, we offer the Flex Natural Magnesium Creams in cool and warming versions. They will all work. We use natural Capsicum Oil to create an experience of warmth – just ensure to keep the Warm Flex Magnesium Cream out of the hands of children and away from your eyes and sensitive areas (Capsicum Oil is related to Chillies!).

Need touch-free support on the go?

Try our no-sting Fusion Magnesium Roll On, a handy pocket size roll-on perfect for travellers, athletes, tradies and wellness warriors. The Fusion Magnesium Roll On is a 2-in-1 product: it combines the benefits of our Flow/Naked Magnesium Sprays with those of the Flex Magnesium Creams. Most spajar skincare customers leave their Flow and Flex products at home, safely stored out of the heat, and keep the Fusion in their pocket while out and about.

Please be aware that all our products are of a cosmetic nature and do not claim any therapeutic benefits. They are not registered as medicine with the TGA. Always seek advice from your doctor or health care professional.

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