Don't strip your skin
while you're cleansing it.
Nourish it.

Swap having dry, tight skin with feeling clean, fresh and supple – naturally

You know that tight feeling that some face cleansers leave you with right after use? Whilst feeling clean, tightness is never a good, healthy sign. We much prefer using a natural oil as a cleanser. Spajar skincare’s Natural Cleansing, Bath & Massage Oil will cleanse, protect & soften your skin, whilst protecting its natural oil-balance. Blended with vitamin rich natural sunflower seed and rice bran oils, these light, water-dispersible natural oil and cleanser blends are perfect to soothe, recondition and improve the texture of your skin, without leaving your skin feeling tight or clogging up your pores.

Water-dispersible Natural Oil Cleanser is sometimes also referred to as an Oil-to-Milk Cleanser. Unlike straight oils, it will turn milky on your wet hands or face, as it forms a beautifully light emulsion right on your skin. It gently, but efficiently removes any traces of your day. It won’t strip your skin but nourish it instead. Spajar skincare’s Natural Cleansing, Bath & Massage Oils do just that!

Cleanse and protect with our Cleansing, Bath & Massage Oil

Its gorgeous texture is light and non-sticky, rinsing away easily as it is water dispersible. This natural oil and cleanser blend will leave you feeling silky soft and blissfully relaxed. Your skin will feel supple and seductively scented with a choice of two enticing aromas hard to resist.

6 products in 1

Being one of our most versatile natural skincare products, the spajar skincare Natural Oil and Cleanser gives you 6 great uses in one product:

  1. You can use our water dispersible Natural Oil Blends as a gentle face cleanser, that even removes waterproof make-up. Pour a small amount in your wet palm (or on a moistened microfibre pad) and rub in gentle circles over your wet face. Rinse off, pat dry – done. If you wear eyelash extensions, please keep this cleanser away from your lashes, as oils might dissolve the lash glue.
  2. Use it instead of soap or shower gel to naturally cleanse your entire body in the shower, whilst protecting the natural PH balance of your skin. Apply to wet skin, watch it turn into a light milk and spread all over, rinse off, pat dry. Your floor might get slippery, so take care and rinse well.
  3. You can also use a thin layer of our Natural Oil and Cleanser undiluted directly on your face or body to protect the moisture balance of your skin in an ultralight, non-comedogenic way. Keep in mind though that oils are generally unable to moisturise your skin, they can just protect already existing hydration. Read more about why that is here.
  4. Pour a little straight into your filled bathtub to enjoy it as a soothing, deliciously scented, moisturising Bath Oil
  5. Love a great Massage? Our deliciously scented Natural Cleansing, Bath & Massage Oils enables you to effortlessly deliver a deeply relaxing full-body massage, that doesn’t leave you feeling like a sticky, basted chicken after. Enjoy your glowing, silky skin, and a blissfully relaxed state of mind. You will love it, and your towels will love it, too as it washes out easily
  6. Use it as a light Hair Oil: rub a little into the dry ends of your hair to nourish and prevent split ends

Discover spajar skincare natural oil and cleanser blends right here:

I am TOTAL convert. I have been using the “Sassy” Oil and I love the results, my skin feels and looks so hydrated… smells amazing! Love this brand!” Samantha S