All Natural
Face Moisturiser & Vitamin C Serum.

Embrace simplicity
& reveal your best skin yet.

What if looking after your skin could be really easy?

Your don’t need a ton of products to look youthful, or even to ‘rewind the clock’. Discover how you can reveal your best skin yet with spajar skincare’s minimalistic and easy all natural skin care approach. Our two core products are multi-award winning superstars and will dramatically revitalise your skin. Revolutionise your morning and night skincare routine with the potency of spajar skincare’s all natural high performance Vitamin C Serum combined with our Natural Face Moisturiser for Day & Night. Expect minimal effort and maximum, visible results – and a ton of compliments!

Start with a drop of spajar’s natural Vitamin C Serum for your face, sensitive eye area, neck & décolletage. Follow with a dab of our multi functional, all natural facial moisturiser. Less than 2 minutes and you’re done! No need for a multitude of products clogging up your bathroom shelves. Repeat at night with the same products. It is time to fall in love with your skin again – naturally.

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The complete Ritual Set

The Vitamin C Serum

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