Sunset Natural Body Lotion & Repellent

2-in-1: Hydrate your skin & enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of a mosquito net!

Light, non-greasy natural lotion repellent is paraben free. Intensely scented with Citrus Essential Oils, traditionally known to deter insects in a most delicious DEET free way. Suitable for normal skin, but maybe too strong for highly sensitive skin. Perfect for use all year round.

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Heavenly Spa Bath Salts – unscented

Step into a warm, blissfully soothing bath with our unscented Natural Magnesium Heavenly Bath Salts. Feel the cares of the world drift away for the next 15-20 minutes

Highly concentrated, these alkaline Natural Magnesium Bath Salts are highly skin conditioning and give your skin a super silky feel. Turn your bath tub into a blissful spa escape…

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Fusion Magnesium Roll-on

Need touch-free support on the go? The Fusion natural Magnesium Roll-on fits in any pocket

Try our no-sting Fusion Magnesium Roll On, a handy pocket size roll-on perfect for travelers, athletes, tradies and wellness warriors. Soothe your skin with all natural Magnesium, Arnica & Moringa and Essential Oils. The Fusion Magnesium Roll On is a 2-in-1 product: it combines the benefits of our Flow Magnesium Oil Spray with those of the Flex Magnesium Creams. Most customers leave their Flow & Flex products at home, safely stored out of the heat, and keep the Fusion Roll-on in their pocket while out and about. Convenient hands free application, no sting.

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Citrus Lift Natural Face & Body Scrub

Get a fresh, zesty start to the day with the luscious, invigorating Citrus Lift Face & Body Scrub

Your body and skin benefit so much from exfoliating regularly. Just one use will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth from head to toe. You will love the luscious and lemony aroma of our Citrus Lift natural Face and Body Scrub! The refreshing citrus scent of this ultrafine, natural face & body scrub will lift your spirits, whilst you cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate & rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. Also great as the perfect preparation for tanning to ensure a glowing, even outcome, or to assist with removing artificial tan, or as a delicious addition to your bath.

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Seductive ØUD | Natural Body Lotion

Become irresistible with our seductive 86% organic moisturising ØUD | Natural Body Lotion
A light, natural lotion perfect for use all year round for all skin types. This Aloe Vera based, natural body lotion is non-greasy, super-nourishing and smells just irresistible. Seductively scented with rare, musky Agarwood.

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