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The spajar skincare philosophy

Welcome to the spajar community

Hi, I’m Sabine! I am beyond excited to share the true potential of Mother Nature’s solutions with you, through our products and through this blog.

I want to empower you with the knowledge you need to:

  • source natural alternatives
  • question the products you buy
  • understand the power of magnesium

Why spajar?

The products we consume and the lives we live have become so closely entwined with nasty chemicals, cheap plastic packaging and animal cruelty. There is little thought to how everything is connected, inside and out.

We have become accustomed to the belief that happiness can only be achieved through “overnight miracle fixes.”  This is not the case. You can become the best version of yourself in harmony with Mother Nature. It takes only a little awareness and few small changes to create a huge impact.

Unlike many other businesses in this market, the spajar goal is not to make a maximum amount of money. With us you will find no greenwashing, no huge profit margins, and no sneaky marketing.

The driving factor of spajar is to be of service to you, proudly identifying as a For Benefit, Waste Wise Business.

People call me crazy, but I ethically source all ingredients with as little environmental impact as possible. This includes our packaging, which is all recyclable. Our natural skincare products are formulated to create maximum benefit, and every step of the process is completed lovingly by hand in small batches.

I develop every scrub, every massage oil, every Magnesium product with scientific skill, experience as a formulator, and most importantly Love, so that you can feel the true power Mother Nature offers you, without paying ridiculous prices.

Whilst we would love for you to visit our shop and try our natural, holistic natural skincare products. However this is not the spajar mission – we go way beyond that.

Our mission is to change your life, one ethical product at a time.

We want to build a community where we can connect and:

  • Ask questions about WHY things are the way they are
  • Openly discuss the incredible strength of what Mother Nature has provided us with
  • Get excited about the science behind natural alternatives
  • Create awareness about common chemicals and their impact on our happiness
  • Share our favourite natural brands, products, remedies and healing approaches

I believe that Sharing is Caring, so please use this as a place to share your wisdom so we can learn from one another. 

If you have something you would like to learn, or would like to share – please comment or send me an email

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