spajar skincare wins Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020

Woohoo…starting the decade with a bang…

Amidst the global Corona virus pandemic, spajar skincare wins its first international award at the International Health, Beauty & Wellness Award 2020! Hosted in the UK for the 3rd year by #luxlifemagazine, a team of independent industry experts selected spajar skincare in a merit led process as

Most Innovative Natural Skincare Brand 2020 – Australia.

The panel carefully gathered and analysed client/ customer testimonials, product ranges, treatments and formulations. Our Cairns based natural Australian skincare brand has been recognised “as one of the very best that the $4.2 trillion Health, Beauty & Wellness industry has to offer“.

Reminding ourselves to breathe, we are still kind-of in a state of shock. We feel beyond humbled to be in the company of much larger brands and recognised as “one of the pioneers in the industry in relation to our ongoing dedication to innovation, quality of service, products and client experience”. Cheers to that!! (Picture our passionate team of 3 at spajar popping champagne to celebrate winning its first international award covid-safely via a Zoom video meeting…flying to London would have been nice…).

“We are impressed by spajar skincare’s commitment to change lives, one ethical natural skin- & magnesium care product at a time!”

Standouts in 2020:

spajar skincare winning its first international award is truly a very special honour. However, our mission is close to our heart: We want to change YOUR life, one ethical product at a time. Nothing will ever make us happier than empowering YOU

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