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Why there’s NO such thing as Magnesium Oil

Ever wondered HOW Magnesium products differ?

At spajar skincare, a big part of our philosophy is to ALWAYS question why things are the way they are. This is true when purchasing any product, but especially true when purchasing Australian Magnesium Oils & Sprays.

As a formulator, I like to look at the science behind natural products. I like to look at things very closely, often through a microscope. In fact I regularly test other Natural Skin & Magnesium Care products available in Australia to see exactly what is out there (and what is in there!)

I strongly believe that Sharing is Caring. So, here are 2 truths about Magnesium to empower you with the knowledge to question what you buy:

#1 There is NO such thing as Magnesium Oil

In researching various Australian Magnesium Products, I am noticing that many businesses are calling their Magnesium products “Magnesium Oil.”

What’s most interesting about this, is that it is actually technically impossible for Magnesium Oil to exist.

Magnesium Chloride, the active ingredient in Magnesium Oil Sprays, is what scientists call “hygroscopic.” This means that it attracts and holds water molecules from it’s environment. To see how this works in action, check out our Facebook LIVE.

In this Facebook LIVE, I show you exactly how our raw material, the Pure Magnesium Chloride Flakes physically pull water from the atmosphere right into an otherwise airtight sealed bag, through a very small hole. With the amount of water in the bottom of the bag – you would think that I poured water in there!

This is a perfect reminder to those of you who are using Magnesium Chloride Flakes or Bath Salts, that you must always keep them in an airtight sealed bag.

But why is it called Magnesium Oil?

Well, Magnesium LOVES to live in water, not in oil. Once it has dissolved, it can have quite a slippery feeling to it. This is exactly why people started calling the sprays “Magnesium Oil” – even though it is not an oil at all. You can actually tell a poorly formulated Magnesium spray by how oily it feels on your skin.

#2 The highest concentration of dissolved Magnesium Chloride is around 50%

One of the KEY things you must look out for when buying Magnesium “Oils” or Magnesium Sprays is the concentration level.

That is, how much magnesium can actually be absorbed by the super purified water that we dissolve it in? The concentration level can vary, based on the process on how this is done, and the environment in which it is formulated and manufactured. As a general rule: the higher the concentration level of available Magnesium, the more effective it is.

The maximum concentration levels have a lot to do with what we scientists call ‘saturation point.’

Without even knowing it, you have probably experienced exactly what saturation point is, especially if you have sugar in your coffee. Think about what happens when you put too much sugar into your coffee. There comes a point when the liquid of your coffee just cannot hold anymore sugar. This is when you have reached the saturation point – the maximum amount possible that the liquid can hold.

In the case of Magnesium Chloride, the saturation point (where the water just cannot hold any more magnesium) is at around 50%. If you take another look at our Facebook LIVE, you will see that the saturation point has been reached naturally, and there is sediment at the bottom that cannot dissolve any further.

This is why you ALWAYS need to check on the label what it says about concentration level when you are buying Magnesium.

If your 100ml spray contains 31mg of Magnesium, that means it is at 31% concentration. This is quite good, however as you know now, the maximum saturation point and most effective concentration is much higher – this is exactly what WE do.

When you think about buying transdermal Magnesium products, consider it similar to the process of buying red wine. A $100 bottle of red wine is very likely to have a higher quality than a $10 bottle.

You get what you pay for

So, when you are next considering spending $25 on a Magnesium Oil – make sure you check the concentration! It will likely only contain 5-10% concentration.

Also, be very wary of Magnesium Sprays claiming to hold 70 or even 80%. As you NOW know, this is science fiction!

If there is anything else you want to learn about Magnesium, please leave a comment, or email me personally

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