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Selfcare isn’t selfish

For too long, we’ve put others ahead of ourselves. We have been conditioned to think this is normal. As strong and selfless women, we often internally classify self-care as selfish. The truth is, neglecting ourselves wears us down inside and out.

Today, let’s break free from guilt and embrace self-care. What if making time to nurture and honour ourselves FIRST is the starting point to feeling more fulfilment, and in turn even more connection to others too? But how do we get there?

What are your barriers? Is it the worry of spending on yourself instead of your loved ones? Or the endless tasks and responsibilities that keep piling up, leaving you little time and head space to focus on yourself?

💚 I’d love for you to share where you are on your self-care journey in the comments. What are your secrets to removing these obstacles? What is helpful, where are you struggling? 💚

I believe that through sharing we can powerfully inspire each other. You never know who needs to hear exactly what you are going through, today!

Let’s discover the transformative power of self-care together and create a life where we shine, inside and out. What is your approach? 🙏

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  1. Lynne

    During the lock downs I initiated a regular Yoga practice with friends on Zoom. We are still practising 4-5 times a week at 7 in the morning. It has totally changed my perspective on many things. It also allows me to stop, take stock and breath when times get stressful

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