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Spajar Wins Skincare Award in the UK

I am thrilled to announce that spajar skincare has won a significant international skincare award. Our natural skincare brand has been chosen as the winner of this year’s Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards in the category Skincare Brand of the Year 2022 – Australia.

Wow, reminding myself to breathe

I feel incredibly humbled for spajar skincare to be representing Australia in the natural skincare industry. It is quite mind blowing for our solid, but small local Cairns’ natural skincare brand to not just hold the torch for FNQ, but to be labelled ‘skincare brand of the year’ and recognized internationally as the best in our field. To be considered one of the “thought leaders that pave the way and set a benchmark for innovation and excellence in the skincare industry” is unexpected on that scale, and so encouraging.

“From inventing new products and processes, to adapting a business model to suit a changing market, innovation is present in many forms and leads the way how spajar skincare thinks and evolves.”

spajar awarded 'Skincare Brand of the Year 2022 - Australia'

A Skincare Award just because I Love Doing what I’m Doing

Maybe having the courage to pursue what makes me truly happy is the key and the reason why I am choosing to place providing benefit over maximizing profit. And yet, it is so challenging and at times scary to take a leap and do it anyway. The small business owners amongst you will know what I am talking about.

Whilst award recognition is much appreciated, it does not fuel my drive to make a difference. I have this deep desire to contribute something meaningful and substantial to YOUR, my customers’ lives. That is my happy place, my joy, and I thank all of you for your trust and the privilege of serving you. I also want to extend my gratitude to the people that nominated us for this skincare award, I still have no idea who you are – thank you.

Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022 *Click image & read more about how the winners of The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022 were chosen

The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards

The UK based Innovation & Excellence Awards celebrate the success and achievements of brands that have developed innovative approaches, resulting in exceptional business performance and demonstrating excellence in their industry. This award was created to honor those who “standout as market leaders and innovators, consistently showing best practice in every aspect of their work”.

Over 90.000 nominations across a wide range of industries were each examined, with 9 categories assessed in depth (Innovation, Products & Services, Industry Recognition, Use of Technology, Sustainability, Marketing & Branding, Service Excellence, Ethical Practice, Employee Satisfaction). It was determined that

“spajar skincare’s commitment to innovation has harnessed more effective processes resulting in groundbreaking, exceptional products and outstanding customer service.”


Where To From Here

spajar skincare formulator Sabine loves researchI was also extended the opportunity to pursue a research scholarship in the UK to continue exploring some of the technically innovative aspects of our recent products and processes. I didn’t see that coming! Whilst my inner science nerd is jumping excitedly at the prospect, I am firmly anchored in the present, in our beautiful FNQ and in honouring my bigger picture. Nurturing my inquisitive brain alone might jeopardise what I am trying to achieve overall.

I do not need yet another degree, or a bigger lab. Some other researcher can explore more of the doors I have helped to open. Whilst I love connecting the science dots, it is the deeply personal dots that I love connecting the most.

Hence my humble production studio in Cairns will do just fine. I’ll keep putting my nerdiness and creativity into developing innovative and mindful natural skincare products. I’ll keep manufacturing by hand. And you will keep seeing me and my all-natural spajar skincare products at our beautiful local markets in Port Douglas and Palm Cove. Let’s chat and connect the dots!

What an incredible honor and encouragement to keep doing what I love doing. Told you I want to change your life…

Thank you for the privilege.

do more of what makes you happy with spajar skincare

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022 - spajar skincare brand of the year 2022

Read more about spajar’s skincare award in the official Innovation & Excellence Awards Guide here.

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